Duty Bound Vol 46


In this Duty Bound Dream we find Nikol Monak, Bradley Cook and Tony Mark trapped in a cage. Filip Vacek is outside the cage, but he is shackled by his wrists. Borek Sokol is nearby wielding his night stick. He brings Nikol, Tony and Bradly out of the cage and they remove their underwear as they move Filip, so he naked and bent over. Nikol’s rock hard cock soon slips deep into Filip’s ass and starts to fuck. But that is not for long as he makes way for Bradley’s dick to fill that hot hole. Then Tony has a go at the ass too.

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 In fact they keep taking turns, working Filip’s hot hole and making him moan out loud. Having pounded that hot ass for a while they then lay Filip on his back and continue to have their pleasure from his ass. Bradley is the first who needs to cum and pulls out of the ass and dumps his hot cream onto Filip. Nikol is ready too and quickly shoots his cum as well, followed quickly by Tony. Then they crowd around Filip as he sits up and wanks his cock, getting it rock hard and dumping his creamy load.

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Studio: William Higgins

Actors: Nikol Monak, Tony Mark, Bradley Cook, Dale Madden, Borek Sokol, Tomas Fuk, Filip Vacek, Martin Hovor