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Quinn Swallows Hank


Hank is an absolute stud in every way. He’s hot, that body is amazing, that dick is nice and thick, and he just loves to fuck. We got to check Hank out in action with Henry before, and now he’s back for more – burying that hot cock of his in Quinn’s eager hole this time!
Quinn’s gotten in to plenty of hot action at CF before, but soon in to the action here I think it’s obvious this pairing with Hank must stand out as one of his favorites – Quinn looks smitten! Hank pushes all the right buttons with him, relentlessly pounding his hole in position after position, even lifting him up and carrying him over to the bed when they change places, making passionate eye contact throughout, and eager to swap some deep kisses.

Tanner and Cory


Tanner and Cory both like to have a good time outdoors and just goof off, so what’s a great way to put all that energy to use? A water balloon fight! How does that old saying go again? “Boys will be boys.” That is definitely appropriate for these two studs playing around and getting each other wet. When it came to getting down to business, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other! Cory really went all out on Tanner’s ass. “I’m just letting him do his thing!” Tanner definitely enjoyed the ride. It was an extra treat to see Cory shoot his load into Tanner and watch it drip out of his ass!

Jed Atkinson and Josh Conners


Josh asks Jed if he has ever done anything with a guy before. He says that he had kissed a guy in college once, but that probably does not count. Josh suddenly has a big smile on his face. He is going to be the first man on man experience for Jed. Josh knew to take things slow, so they start out by removing their clothes and kissing. Then Josh sits back and guids Jed through his first blow job. Jed gets the hang of it really quick and after a while starts sucking like a pro. Then Josh stands Jed up and sucks on his cock for a while. Then he turns him around and gives Jed his first rim job ever. Jed is happy to return the favor as well. After getting Josh all wet, Jed asks if he can fuck him. Josh is happy to oblige. He fucks him doggie style and then fucks Josh on his back. When Josh starts to get close, Jed pulls out and lets Josh cum all in his mouth. He slurps the jiz down and sucks every last drop out of Josh. Then Jed sits back and is ready to bust. He does it right in that hungry little mouth of Josh. Josh eats the white hot cum all down, and suddenly he feels another geyser rumbling inside of him. Josh shoots his load a second time with cum still in his mouth from Jed. Josh has a knack for converting our newbies into lovers of cock, and it looks like he has done it again.

Joel Vargas and Carl Ross


Locker rooms are sexy, lets face it, the sight of straight guys, secretive glances as they towel down, the smell of sweat and work-out jocks and trainers. Joel and Carl are SO up for some big feet, big dick, sneaker sex fuckery, we could barely hold them back. New boy sexy Joel Vargas is a beautiful young lad, dark, sexy, swarthy and of course with a big, fat, uncut dick slapping around between his legs. Carl’s a seasoned sex addict, with a muscular beefy body and a saleable, edible, suckable muscular arse. The boys get down to some heavy duty odour inhaling as they sniff and snort each others sneakers, getting their juicy dicks rock hard. Joel wraps a stinky trainer over his face as his muscled bottom sucks on his thick tool, ( this boys in piggy heaven!) Then Carl makes use of a pommel horse to splay his thick legs and beefy butt for Joel’s rock, hard, uncut tool and that hottie is in like Flynn, ramming his dick deep into Carl’s arse even as Carl buries his face in some horny, sweaty footwear. Joel rams that lad for all he’s worth until the boys are ready to pop their pent up loads, but where to shoot that gooey, jizz? ….NO! not on those excellent sneakers!

Darin Silvers And Landon Mycles


The doctor is in and ready for his next patient in the form of Darin Silvers—if only all college physicals ended with a huge steamy load.

Gustave Guajardo, Gilbert Rosa and Logan Lechero


When Gustave Guajardo went to the movies with his friends last weekend, he wasn’t expecting to be in a bareback orgy with five other twinks, let alone even thinking about shoving his huge, cock balls deep inside a cock hungry bottom whore. And yet, that was exactly what he did. Now, he’s anxious to feel another warm mouth sucking his juicy cock and a tight hole wrapped around his uncut tool. But how to get things started? Who to talk to about fulfilling his wishes? He confides in his neighbor, Gilbert Rosa, who tells him to leave it all to him. He knows an adorable cocksucker who might give up his ass for a bareback fuck. All Gustave has to do is follow Gilbert’s lead. At first, Logan Lechero — who loves big dick, sucking, and getting fucked — puts up a good show. After all, he doesn’t want it getting around the neighborhood that he’s a big puta! And yet everyone knows, which is how Gilbert gets Logan to suck both, his and Gustave’s cock. Logan gets his sweet ass stretched out by Gilbert and then by Gustave, each of them taking turns spit roasting and tag team bareback fucking the dick hungry twink before rewarding him with cum facials, which the greedy cocksucker diligently guzzles.

Danny Montero And Matthew Anders


Slowly stripping off the young and tanned Danny Montero, blond hunk Matthew Anders can’t wait to get his boy butt naked! Slurping on each other’s juicy dicks, Danny’s cut cock being devoured by Daddy whilst Matt’s own thick slab of meat is gorged on by the cock hungry twink. Tasting each other’s supple and muscled bodies, Matt moves Danny to the sofa where he sheaths up and beckons the boy on top of him, facing the camera and lowering him on his twitching dick, rock hard in anticipation of the deep butt fucking about to ensue. Working this thick dick into his boy toy, the tattooed muscle hunk kisses Danny as he pushes deeper, both guys really into each other and working that sofa hard as they flip positions, getting as deep and hard as they can. Danny’s smooth young body flexing and tightening with each thrust from Daddy brings him closer and closer to a creamy finish as both loads end up over his youthful hairless skin.

Jasper Robinson and Trey Bentley


Trey and Jasper are just getting to know each other, but you know for boys like these some sharing of hard naked cock is usually the best way! Within short time they’re making out and swapping those big solid dicks, then heading to the bedroom where skinny boy Trey gets his tight hole stiffed with Jasper’s amazing rock solid inches! Fucked raw all over the bed and loving that long pole deep in his hole, he gets a warm load of cum splashed over his pucker and gives his new top buddy a taste of his own milky cream!

Nolan Lacroix Gets Hazed


Chris Loan, Timothe Besse, Alexis Tivoli and Baptiste Garcia decided to give the new cummer Nolan Lacroix a good hazing. The four boys blindfold the eyes of the 18-year-old twink and knee him on the living room carpet. Chris, Baptiste, Timothe and Alexis then release their cocks and display them in front of Nolan’s mouth who understands immediately that he couldescape this hazing from his new colleagues. Nolan sucks each of the four beautiful dicks in turn, hard as wood and goes from one to the other one while jacking off. The young pledge is very talented for deep-throat and he seems to appreciate this bukkake. The four dominant twinks feast on this relaxing moment, kissing and fondling each other. They encourage Nolan to accelerate the pace by taking in turn his head and the first one will be soon ready to explode. Chris, Timothe, Alexis and Baptiste will sprinkle alternately on the angelic face of Nolan with powerful and abundant ejaculations, including one oral. He’s completely covered with juice, tired, breathless and surely has chapped lips, its with this the adorable Nolan finishes his initiation.



Shipped off to training camp, 7 fresh faced recruits are put through their paces by the tough but handsome Sergeant Moore, who won’t take anything less than 100% from his boys. Endless marching, exercises and boot polishing keeps these handsome young fuckers busy, but they all find a way to get busy with each other; what else are all these testosterone fuelled guys going to do in their down time? From bunk mate fucking to medic room massaging, the story focuses on blond virgin James who struggles to find his place in the army, nervous and shy, he soon catches the eye of fellow recruit Robert, tall, lithe and very handsome, they hit it off, but will they be split up at the end of training at Dashwood, or will fate play its part and they be stationed together? Packed full of sexy young boys learning how to be men in all aspects of the word under the summer sunshine, the smell sweat, spunk and boot polish permeates the entire base by the time Sergeant Logan Moore hands out their final letters of graduation. Who will pass, who will fail and where will these new recruits end up?