A Hot Finale for A Special Day | Jax Thirio And Damian Rose | FamilyDick

After a long day of fun with his stepdad Jax, Damian falls asleep on the couch. Jax grabs the boy and puts him to bed, removing his clothes to ensure he sleeps tight. Suddenly, Damian wakes up and thanks his stepdad for a wonderful day, asking if he can show him his gratitude with a “special gift.” Curious, Jax accepts, getting treated with a horny blowjob. Surprised by his stepson’s cock-sucking skills, Jax retributes Damian’s gift by eating his dick. He had been lusting about the idea of rimming his boy and fucking him, but he didn’t think it was possible until now. Knowing that Damian craves for his stepdad to stuff him, Jax pounds Damian’s asshole, pulling his cock out only to shower him with sweet cum.

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