Aaron Trainer And Skylar Finchh | If You Were A Temple | MormonBoyz

The time has come for Skylar’s initiation into the order. President Aaron Trainer will oversee the initiation, but he must first make sure Skylar is devout. Skylar swears his commitment and is willing to go to any lengths to prove how impassioned he is regarding the mission. Skylar undresses Aaron and admires his rippling, solid body. Skylar sucks his leader’s dick, tasting him and enjoying his new role in the mission. He’d been hoping this would be part of the initiation ritual. Now with Aaron’s cock in his mouth, Skylar felt a wave of sexual tension being lifted off his shoulders. More than anything, he was excited to make this a common treat in his relationship with his leaders. Aaron lays on his back while Skylar undresses. The young missionary climbs on Aaron and lets the leader fuck his tight asshole. Skylar positions himself so Aaron can get as deep as possible. He wants his leader to leave this initiation without a fragment of doubt that Skylar is nothing but committed.

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