Abel Lacourt And Gabriel Lambert | Hot As Sun | FrenchTwinks

Abel Lacourt and Gabriel Lambert enjoy the sunny weather to go picnic in the countryside. The sun is burning and the two twinks soon take off their t-shirts. Abel and Gabriel kiss and lie down in the grass. Their hands slip under their shorts and Gabriel seems already excited. Abel starts wanking Gabriel’s big cock, then the two boys take off their shorts and find themselves naked in the nature. Although the fear of being seen excites them, the heat is untenable and prompts them to return sooner than expected to consume the fruit of their desire in a cooler place.
Abel and Gabriel are hard as wood and jack off cock against cock, then Abel goes down his tongue along Gabriel’s beardless body to swallow his dick. The twink lying on his back moans with pleasure while Abel is sucking him. Gabriel is more and more excited and he’s now heading for Abel’s ass to lick and finger it. After taking the time to properly prepare his partner Gabriel feels that he can now introduce his thick cock into this tight hole. Abel groans and smiles at Gabriel urging him to continue his movements and fuck him deeply. The two boys are very accomplices and take a lot of fun. Nothing can stop Gabriel in his momentum and he then invites Abel to ride him. The young twink goes up and down on Gabriel’s long cock, the ecstasy is total. Gabriel will ends exploding of pleasure in a masterful ejaculation. It’s not less than seven powerful jets of sperm that he sends on Abel’s face, just before Abel enjoys in turn.

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