Adam Tyrant And Gianni Gio | HANDS DOWN | KristenBjorn

Gianni Gio is in town on business and checks into the Hands Down boutique hotel, where concierge Adam Tyrant knows how to truly treat special guests. Unfortunately, when Adam shows Gianni the room the a/c has been off and leaves the guys uncomfortable with their clothes on. Adam believes that you do what you must to make the guests visit enjoyable.


The guys begin stripping down and Adam’s hands are all over Gianni’ impressive, muscular physique. Intense and passionate kissing heat things up beyond the heat already felt in the room. Adam apologizes that he has never done this with a client before as he reaches out and gropes the growing bulge in Gianni underwear and munches on his thick, hairy armpit.
Being the good concierge that he prides himself on, Adam drops to his knees and begins servicing Gianni’s walnut colored swelling cock. Adam brings Gianni’s manly cock to full strength as his lips and mouth run the full length of his impressive cock. Gianni’s cock is dancing with pleasure and Adam can sense that he needs to back off.
Adam trades his mouth for his ass as he mounts Gianni and slowly lowers his ass onto Gianni’s throbbing cock. Grinding has ass down hard onto Gianni’s cock, Adam rides it up and down the full length, feeling the pleasure ignite throughout his entire body. Gianni takes over and gives Adam a deep, penetrating fuck like that of a rapid-fire piston on overdrive.
Gianni flips Adam onto his shoulders on the floor and spreads his legs wide open. Gianni leans in and begins eating Adam’s ass, savoring the sweet juices of their fucking. Adam gives up his ass completely to Gianni and is ready for all he has to give him. Gianni tongue fucks Adam before he finger fucks him into nirvana.
Rising to his feet, Adam bends over and shoves his back, inviting Gianni to have his way. Gianni plants his cock balls deep inside of Adam and the mirrored table they are fucking over gives us two views at once. Gianni is an aggressive fucker and has left his handprint on Adam’s ass as the intensity and passion of their encounter builds.
Adam gets flipped onto his back and Gianni grabs hold of his ankles and raises them into the air. His throbbing cock slips right in Adam’s ass and the impassioned fucking continues. Gianni grabs Adam’s ankles and lifts his ass off of the floor and Gianni’s fucking has just intensified.
Driven to the edge of ecstasy Adam hovers over the mirrored table and lets his monster load of cum fly. The mirrored table is covered with the huge globs of creamy cum. Gianni stands up and unleashes his huge load of cum, mixing his and Adam’s huge loads together. Adam is at cock level and salivating at what he is witnessing. The temptation is too great and Adam begins licking the mirror clean of both of their loads. This truly is a full-service hotel, Hands Down!


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