Adrian Andres And Jaciel O | A Photoshoot To Loosen Up | LatinLeche

While visiting Mexico City, our camera guy spots Jaciel working out on the street. This sexy Latino’s gorgeous body clearly shows how much effort he puts into it, and the excuse of taking artistic nude pictures of him is the perfect excuse to take him to a private spot. Once in the apartment, Jaciel feels a bit awkward as the camera guy touches him a couple of times while taking his photos. Jaciel is turned on by the situation, but hasn’t done anything like this before, so he needs a little hand. The cameraman then invites Adrian, his hot roommate, to join. Adrian unlocks Jaciel’s deepest desires by slowly pushing the newbie’s boundaries. In one session and with Adrian’s help, Jaciel discovers his love for cock and how deep he likes it inside of him.

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