Adrian Joseph And Sebastian Aragon | CollegeDudes

Sebastian Aragon and Adrian Joseph make out while they lose their clothes piece by piece until these studs are pressed against each other, naked and kissing hard until Sebastian throws Adrian onto the bed and demands he suck his cock! Adrian obeys, taking Sebastian’s dick in his mouth and deepthroating it, letting Sebastian face fuck him and push that dick deeper down his throat until he chokes on it.
Sebastian gets on his knees and sucks Adrian’s uncut cock, pulling it in and out of his mouth and then spreads Adrian’s ass and rims his hole next until Adrian is begging to get fucked! Sebastian teases Adrian’s ass a little more before pushing his cock inside of it, pounding Adrian hard and making that sweet ass bounce with each thrust as he fucks him deep. Adrian moans and Sebastian can’t take anymore of that tight ass around his cock, pulling out and busting a nut onto Adrian and then playing with himself while Adrian strokes out his load!

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