AJ Sloan And Nando Vasquez | RandyBlue

AJ Sloan makes his Randy Blue debut with recent newbie Nando Vasquez and treats him to a morning of passionate sex. They’re both content to make out but soon AJ flips Nando on his tummy to gorge himself on his hole. AJ keeps going at it when he gets Nando on his back, but he also gives him head and enjoys his body while fingering his hole.


After getting Nando all wound up, AJ takes his turn and face fucks his hungry mouth and once he gets a taste of his cock, Nando wants more and eagerly services him. AJ also likes being in control though so it’s not long before he has Nando on his back, wraps him in his arms and makes out with even more romantic passion while humping him.
The long tease ends and AJ finally fucks Nando and is quickly fired up. He pounds him hard and lifts him off the bed to fuck him in mid-air and then turns him around to plow him from behind. AJ finally he drills him sideways until Nando shoots an extra large, thick load over himself. And when AJ lies on his back he too erupts in cum over his ripped bod—and goes right back to sweetly kissing Nando.


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