Alan Doux And Jan Blatnik RAW | Raunchy | Str8Hell

Jan Blatnik is down in the dungeon. He is shackled and blindfolded, laying on his bely as Alan Doux enters and start to spank on his ass. Alan feels over Jan’s hot body, and then lifts his head to kiss him. He spanks Jan’s ass some more too. Then he pulls Jan’s face into his groin. They kiss some more as well and the sexy ass is spanked again. Then Alan pulls out his stiff cock and quickly fucks it hard into Jan’s eager mouth. Fully naked Alan fucks that mouth and Jan licks around the cockhead. His blindfold is removed so he can see the lovely cock he is enjoying. He sucks the cock as Alan fucks his face. That didk is rock hard as Jan gorges himself on it. He licks the shaft and sucks the cock so well as Alan fucks it into his mouth. Then Alan spanks the sexy ass more as Jan moans. He then gets to suck the throbbing cock some more as Alan also slaps his face. The the shackles are removed so Jan can stand and bend over. He knows what he wants and soon gets it, that cock right up his hot ass hole. Alan pounds that hungry hole deep and hard as Jan moans with pleasure. Alan fucks deep and hard into tha thole for a while. Then he lays down so Jan can sit on the throbbing dick and ride it. He works his hole onto the big cock and takes it balls deep. His own cock is hard too as he fucks his ass onto Alan’s. Jan the slides off the cock and lays down so Alan can fuck him more. He grabs his own cock and wanks himself while taking Alan’s dick up his ass. Alan fucks hard into that ass as Jan keeps wanking himself. Then Alan pulls out and Jan drops to his knees to get all the hot cum as Alan shoots it over his face. Jan sucks on the sticky cock to clean it off and drain it completely.

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