Alex Beary And Felipe Ferro | Casting Couch #502 | KristenBjorn

Happy, hairy, muscle beast Alex Beary is about to be inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the equally sexy, muscle daddy Felipe Ferro. Alex enters the room, flashes his dazzling smile, and reveals his sexy physique. Felipe enters the room with his daddy muscles on full display and it is party time.


The hairy daddies are horny and eager to get at each other. Alex takes a seat and takes Felipe’s meaty cock into his mouth and begins servicing him with his incredible cock sucking skills. Time for a swap and Felipe shows Alex that he too is a hungry, talented cock sucker as Alex’s cock disappears into Felipe’s mouth and throat.
Alex takes to all 4’s as Felipe begins tongue fucking his furry, pink hole. Felipe’s tongue has primed Alex’s ass perfectly as he rises up and slips his rock-hard cock inside of Alex’s ass. Alex moans with deep pleasure as Felipe fucks his balls up against muscle ass.
Flipping Felipe, Alex takes a seat and Felipe lowers his hairy hole onto Alex’s throbbing cock. Felipe rides his ass up and down Alex’s hot cock shaft, driving the pleasure deeper and deeper inside of his hairy ass. Hot daddy on daddy action is in full swing.
Another flip and Felipe is on his back as Alex spreads his legs open and drives his iron cock inside of daddy Felipe. Felipe grabs hold of his cock and begins stroking as Alex continues with his deep ass fucking. One last thrust from Alex and Felipe’s cock is shooting out a creamy load of cum. Alex continues fucking Felipe until he pulls out and creams Felipe’s ass with his hot load of cum.


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