Alex Kof And Jack Aries | RandyBlue

There’s some passionate sexual chemistry between Alex Kof and Jack Aries which sparks in the shower and just gets more intense. While they’re into making out and feeling up their hard bods, Jack directs his focus on Alex’s uncut cock, using his mouth and throat non-stop. Alex loves it of course but he also has a primary focus: getting a hold of Jack’s rock hard hairy ass, eating him out—and beyond.


Alex soon fucks Jack, using his big dick energy to dominate his hole and pound him every which way. Jack is totally there for it too because when Alex needs a break, Jack rides him with the same kind of sexual energy.. Finally, while Alex plows Jack on his back, he goes over the edge, cums and breeds him– until Jack blows too. Neither one has to say how great this was—their kisses and their faces say it all.


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