Alexander Garrett And Devin Adams | Photograph My Big Cock | PrideStudios

Devin is in his photo studio getting ready for his model to arrive when Alexander knocks on the door. Once he is let in, Alexander immediately starts to take off his clothes which surprise Devin as he was not expecting the model to be so comfortable being naked. Once Alexander drops his pants though, Devin is shocked by the size of the cock he sees hanging between his legs. Noticing, Alexander asks him if he wants to touch it because it gets bigger, stating ‘It’s OK everyone touches it.’ To which Devin steps closer and starts stroking his cock. As it grows Devin is even more amazed and then Alexander asks him if he wants to suck it. Devin sits in the chair and starts sucking Alexander’s massive uncut cock. He does his best to take it all, but struggles. Alexander then has Devin undress and he begins rimming Devin’s ass. He then starts rubbing his huge cock between Devin’s ass cheeks and tells him he is going to fuck him. Nervously Devin agrees and Alexander starts out slowly at first but once he knows Devin can handle it he starts fucking him longer and deeper. He then sits in the chair and has Devin ride his big cock until Devin cannot hold back and he shoots his load all over the floor. Alexander pulls out and shoots all over Devin’s chest and neck.

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