Angel Elias And Braxton Cruz | CockyBoys

Angel Elias explores his bottom side again, this time with Braxton Cruz who knows how to make it easier to take his big dick! He joins Angel in the shower to make out passionately, and as a good top Braxton gives him pleasure first by going down on his cock and hole. So naturally Angel gives back, sucking as much of his thick cock as possible.


As fun as it is in the shower, Braxton takes Angel to bed, confirming how good a top he is by how he lets him get used to his cock before pounding him every which way. Angel proves himself too taking it all and then riding Braxton like his sex toy.
Braxton finishes off Angel fucking him on his back and he tempers his deep drilling by kissing Angel passionately. Soon, Braxton’s intuitive style puts them both over the edge, as Angel and then he both shoot their loads. And, for good measure Brandon slides into Angel again making sure he’ll feel it in him long afterward.


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