Barron Fucks Finn | Corbin Fisher

Truth be told, you look at the marquee on this one and just know you’re in for some hot action! Barron and Finn, together? There’s guaranteed to be some blazing hot fucking and awesome sex!


None of that’s ever in doubt because you all know how much of a studly top Barron is with that big dick of his (though if you’ve been away for awhile you’re only now getting surprised by that body of his being bigger and buffer than ever!). You also know Finn’s a horny, young, hot-bodied stud and you could just kind of tell from the instant we all met him he was going to look incredible wtih a big dick inside him and needed to get paired up with Barron ASAP.

Frankly, these two guys wanted a piece of one another the instant they met at the studio and they could each tell they were a perfect fit for one another just as all of us watching them could tell. Ultimlately the proof of how well these two go together is in the pounding, though – which is precisely what Barron does to Finn’s hole!


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