Barron Fucks Rocky After Hours | CorbinFisher

We’ll let ya in on a bit of a secret: while our After Hours episodes – with their intimate and personal feel, POV elements, and sensual lighting – are wonderfully popular, they also really take certain kinds of guys to pull them off. You can’t just throw any model into an After Hours episode. They only really work when the guys are next-level horny, natural born exhibitionists, know what they want in the bedroom, know what their partners want in the bedroom, and know what all of us watching want to see!


Well, Barron and Rocky meet all of those criteria. As two of our more experienced studs – they each arrived at CF right around the same time and have been buds ever since! – Barron and Rocky know what they’re doing, know what they like, and know how to get a fellow stud off. That they’re each also handsome as all heck, ripped beyond belief, and are each sporting huge dicks is all just an added bonus!
Let’s all get up close, personal, and intimate with these hot studs in some brand new After Hours action!


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