Beating The Heat | Brody Kayman And Florien | FamilyDick

It’s hot out, and Florien and his stepdad, Brody, just want to keep cool. All this heat has caused Brody’s body to go haywire. His leg muscles are killing him, but luckily, Florien is more than willing to help his stepdad out. Florien rubs Brody’s inner thigh and wonders what his stepdad’s cock might look like. If he’s being honest, Florien has always had a crush on his stepdad and has wanted to play with him for a long time. Brody shares a mutual attraction, but neither has ever dared speak about it. Now, with Florien rubbing his stepdad’s thigh, it felt like it was finally an opportunity to mess around with one another. Things get steamy when Brody’s shorts come off. Florien gets to admire Brody’s cock before putting it in his mouth. It’s the biggest cock he’s ever played with, but he isn’t going to let a challenge stop him from having fun. Sucking his stepdad’s cock is just the treat Florien needed to take his mind off of the sweltering heat. After having a little taste, Florien wants to feel Brody take full control of his asshole. The sweet young twink bottoms and proves to his stepdaddy that he can play with the big boys. Florien feels every pump of Brody’s throbbing cock as he pounds his ass. It’s hard for Brody not to cum right away, but he wants to savor his stepson’s hole for as long as he can. When Brody can’t hold it any longer, he cums hard, leaving a hot load of sticky cum dripping out of Florien’s asshole. Now that they’ve broken the ice, Florien and Brody see themselves playing a lot more often.

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