Beau Butler And Sumner Blayne | Bred And Breakfast: All The Way Inn | NakedSword

First-time ‘Bred & Breakfast’ guest Sumner Blayne is about to learn that resident handyman Beau Butler seriously knows a thing or two about servicing leaky pipes. Immediately upon running into each other in one of the property’s out-of-service bathrooms, the two versatile muscle hunks take over the space as they suck, rim, and finger each other. Then, the two flip-fuck as Beau buries his throbbing uncut cock inside of Sumner’s beautifully pink slit, and Sumner stuffs his big dick inside of Beau’s hairy cheeks. Ultimately, Beau is left lying on the bathroom tile with his furry stomach and hairy hole completely covered in a hefty load of creamy cum.

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