Benjamin Dover And Ashton Taylor | BrokeStraightBoys

Asthon Taylor, one of our newer models, is ready for his scene with Benjamin Dover, and although he won’t be bottoming today, we’re sure the experienced and sexy Benjamin will have plenty to teach this new guy! They start with some kissing but it’s not long until Benjamin is going down on Ashton, taking that cock in his mouth and working it with his lips and hands, massaging Ashton’s balls while he pulls his member in and out of his wet mouth.
Ashton wants a turn giving head and gets on his knees, taking Benjamin’s member in his mouth and sucking it while he plays with himself, sucking Benjamin’s balls next and running his tongue up and down that fat shaft. When they’ve had enough fun with oral, Benjamin gets on the bed and spreads his ass for Ashton, letting him fill him up with that raw cock and Ashton takes full advantage of that sweet ass, pounding it hard and deep with his bareback dick! Ashton takes Benjamin’s ass in a few different ways until he’s got Benjamin busting a nut, and Ashton’s not far behind as he pulls his dick out shoots his load all over Benjamin’s leg!

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