Bennett, Calhoun, Jason Hillcrest RAW | ChaosMen

Both Calhoun and Jason requested to work with Bennett. And Bennett was out to prove he could not only suck on some giant cock, but take big cocks in his ass. I figured this would make a perfect video for Monster Cock week.
Bennett loves to be bossed around, and you can tell both Calhoun and Jason are all about dominating Bennett.
As aggressive as these guys are fucking, keep an eye out for little moments of tenderness, especially between Calhoun and Bennett.
Both guys creampie Bennet, making a nice sloppy hole. After Calhoun cums a second time on Bennett’s face, Bennett shoots his own load, pretty much exhausted from being used for an hour. Bennet then stokes his cock together with Jason’s, lubing them up with the loads from all three guys.
Now, who can guess which two models ended up in each other’s hotel room, spending the night getting even more intimate?
Don’t miss this TagTeam. It pretty much has it all, and the energy is off-the-hook!

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