Blake White And Harrison Todd | Fucking For The Fun Of It | BrokeStraightBoys

As the scene opens, Blake and Harrison are caught up in a heated makeout session, both of them clad only in their underwear. Harrison is wearing a pair of blue briefs, while Blake sports a set of pin-striped boxer shorts. Their passionate embrace is interrupted by Blake’s sudden removal of Harrison’s penis from his underwear. Without missing a beat, Blake takes the exposed member into his mouth and proceeds to suck on it with intense focus and determination. The two dudes continue to explore each other’s bodies, their desire for one another growing more urgent with every passing moment. Soon Harrison gets his hands on Blake’s massive, pre-cum dripping cock, he can’t resist taking it into his mouth for a taste. The salty, musky flavor of Blake’s manhood is too much for Harrison to handle, so he starts gagging and choking on the thick shaft. Despite the initial struggle, Harrison doesn’t give up and continues to suck on Blake’s dick.


Their underwear is now off and both guys are fully exposed as they get down to business. Harrison’s furry butthole is spread wide open, revealing his tight, puckered hole that’s begging to be filled with Blake’s massive cock. With piercing eyes Blake spits onto Harrison’s tightly puckered asshole, he can feel the saliva lubricating the entrance to his partner’s anal cavity. With a deep breath, he thrusts his tongue inside, stroking and teasing Harrison’s inner walls with his tongue. After a few moments of thorough tonguing, Blake finally decides that Harrison’s ass is wet enough for him to begin fucking him hard. Blake pushes his large, thick dick into Harrison’s hairy hole, causing both men to groan in pleasure. As Blake thrusts inward, grunts and moans can be heard echoing throughout the room.
The fucking continues while Blake spanks Harrison’s ass cheeks. The bottom Harrison, handles the top well and extracts pleasure from the 9.5 inch penetration. The feeling of Blake’s bareback dick pounding into him leaves Harrison breathless. In this intense moment, Blake experiences a powerful orgasm as he releases a large amount of hot semen onto Harrison’s slim stomach. As the spurts of cum continue to flow out of him, Harrison lets out a deep moan of pleasure, reveling in the sensation of Blake’s seed coating his skin. After several moments, a second eruption begins, Harrison jerks off onto his thick pubes. Both men are exhausted from their explosive release. They lay there panting heavily, with their chests rising and falling rapidly with each breath they take.


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