Boning Bryce | CorbinFisher

Bryce’s early appearances on CF left us all screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, immediately followed by, “More! More! More!”. Who wouldn’t want to see more of this handsome, young, hot-bodied stud?! Calan wanted to see more of him, that’s for sure, and Calan gets as much of Bryce as he wants!


The last time we saw these two, Bryce was taking a turn on Calan’s hole in a session showcasing just how much these two are into one another. It’s time for Calan to return the favor and take a turn on Bryce’s hole now, and this episode is so darn hot and so intense it just further cements we’re being treated to the sight not just of two total studs going at it, but two total studs going at it with a partner they can’t get enough of!
Now all we’re really left wondering is which do you think hot, young, freshmen newcomer Bryce enjoyed more – topping Calan or getting topped by Calan? It’s hard to say, really, because each session was so outrageously hot. The load Bryce blasts out all over his ripped abs and chest while Calan’s cock pistons in and out of his ass makes me think he enjoyed this one most of all!


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