Brad Gemini Fucks Zach Covington | BrokeStraightBoys

Zach Covington drew the short straw and gets to kick off his early morning with some hot sex with Brad Gemini, and although these guys haven’t gotten to know each other too well yet, they’re about to get really close pretty damn fast. Brad joins Zach on the bed and makes out with him, getting naked so that Zach can go down on Brad, sucking on that sweet cock and making it get hard as fuck as he deepthroats it.
Brad bends Zach over and rims his ass, giving that tight little hole a few good licks before pulling him onto his lap and letting Zach sit right down on his throbbing dick and ride it hard. Once Zach’s ass gets stretched around Brad’s big cock, these sexy guys try a few other positions as Zach spreads his ass wide and lets Brad get deep inside of him, pumping every inch of his long bareback shaft deep into Zach’s sore hole. Brad wraps his hands around Zach’s neck and sticks his fingers in his mouth as he dominates Zach and then pulls out and cums all over Zach’s ass and back. He shoves his dick back inside and fucks him raw and hard until Zach unloads his hot cum all over the bed.

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