Brock Kniles And Devin Franco | Greedy Creampies: In-Law’s Closet Craving | NextDoorStudios

A straight man, Brock Kniles, and his gay in-law, Devin Franco, are tidying a walk-in closet. As they work together and bond over the task, Devin wishes he could find a boyfriend as amazing as Brock, but Brock says he’s definitely not perfect. For instance, he recently asked his wife if he could give her an anal creampie and she got VERY upset.


Devin is surprised, especially since he doesn’t think asking for that is such a big deal — at least, not in HIS world. Devin definitely doesn’t think that Brock deserves to be in the doghouse over it… so he offers to let Brock creampie HIM instead to get what he wants!
At first, Brock is surprised and unsure but, well, how could he refuse such a tempting invitation?? They have sneaky sex in the closet, almost getting caught by the wife, but that only makes this romp even more thrilling…


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