Brock Reynolds And Ryan Russo | Brock Dominates By Fucking Ryan | BrokeStraightBoys

Hairy Hole Smoothie, Brock Drinks Down Ryan’s Cum Covered Ass During Swallow Fest!


The scene begins with Brock and Ryan kissing intimately. Brock is wearing green underwear, and Ryan has on blue briefs. As they continue their sensual kiss, Brock’s tongue teases Ryan’s lips before sliding deep into his mouth. Their tongues dance together, each taking turns leading and following. Meanwhile, Brock’s hands are busy exploring every inch of Ryan’s body, from his muscular hairy chest down to his toned legs. Ryan explores Brock through a gentle caress. Suddenly Brock decides to heat things up by sucking on Ryan’s big hard cock. Brock gags and deepthroats the stiff dick. Soon it is Brock’s turn to get a blow job. Brock is full of personality when his mouth isn’t full of cock. Ryan helps Brock to remove his underwear and then begins giving him a blow job. Brock can feel Ryan’s tongue sliding along the length of his shaft, causing him to groan with pleasure. Brock is insistent that Ryan is the best at sucking dick. He has tried other guys before but none have been able to match up to Ryan’s skills. Ryan humbly accepts this praise, knowing that it is truly his specialty.
Without hesitation Ryan asks if Brock is ready to make that extra rimming money. Brock makes a sassy remark in agreement and spits saliva onto Ryan’s hairy hole. As Brock enthusiastically approaches Ryan’s round, jiggly buttocks, he can already feel the warmth emanating from their soft, fuzzy surface. With eager anticipation, Brock takes hold of one of Ryan’s cheeks and squeezes them together tightly, creating a delightful smooshing sound as he pushes his face forward towards the inviting entrance of Ryan’s rear orifice. Brock says it’s his birthday and he is gonna get some cake! Ryan moans and relaxes as Brock tongues his furry pucker. Next its time for fucking, so they arrange themselves for action. Ryan is on his back legs spread wide, and Brock slides his big dick inside raw.
Brock says he typically tears up boys like Ryan but he is going slow because Ryan is special to him. Brock thrusts his hard cock inside Ryan’s hairy hole over and over again. Ryan takes it like a champ and Brock furiously fucks his bottom. Dom top Brock orders Ryan to shut up and not look at him as he pounds his tight butt hole. Ryan smirks and takes the big dick with ease. Brock shoves his stiff ram rod deep inside Ryan’s guts. Then Ryan gets on all fours and backs up onto Brock’s rigid pecker. Brock demands that he makes that ass ripple and to put effort into the performance. Ryan’s hairy ass gets clapped. Suave Ryan breathes heavily, while Brock takes control. Brock tops Ryan raw while making various jokes. After a few moments Brock pulls out and shoots a massive sticky load all over Ryan’s hairy hole. Suddenly Brock shoves his cum covered dick back inside to glaze Ryan’s innards. Brock then licks up the cum saturated hole and grabs globs of semen with his mouth. Ryan puts his open mouth under Brocks for a cum guzzling spit swap. No cream is wasted in this scene, as they seal the swallow with a kiss. Next it’s time for Ryan to get off, so Brock sucks his cock. Ryan jerks off into Brock’s mouth, firing a hot cum shot down his throat. The scene comes to an end with both guys completely satiated.


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