Brock Reynolds, Ryan Russo, Andy Adler | Tight Ass Gets Glazed By Group Sex Trio | BrokeStraightBoys

Blow Job Battle Royale! Broke Straight Boys Ryan, Brock, Andy Compete to Suck Dick the Best Then Bare Fuck In Group Sex Threeway.


When the camera pans over the futon, three hot young men appear lying side by side, each dressed in different colored underwear. Ryan is wearing white boxers, Brock is sporting some tight gray briefs, and Andy is showing off his cute cotton underwear. As Ryan and Andy eagerly await their turn to suck on Brock’s massive cock, they start jostling each other trying to get closer to him. Eventually, Ryan manages to slip his lips around the base of Brock’s dick and begins to deep throat it like a pro. Andy watches in envy until finally he gets his chance to show off his skills too. He takes hold of Brock’s thick shaft and slowly starts to slide it in and out of his mouth while simultaneously jacking off his own hard cock. Brock looks on in complete ecstasy as these two hot guys fight over who gets to suck his cock better. Ryan and Andy take turns deepthroating Brock’s big dick. Brock has the other two boys remove his underwear. Ryan and Andy show off their talent for blow jobs.
Next Ryan gets in the middle and gets his dick sucked by the other two boys. Then Andy moves to the center and gets his share of blow jobs. Soon Andy gets on all fours and displays his smooth pink boy hole to Brock and the camera. As soon as Brock notices that Andy’s tight ass is available for him to explore, he quickly drops down onto his knees and starts rimming and tonguing the smooth pink boy hole. He slurps and licks away at the sensitive flesh surrounding the entrance to Andy’s anal cavity, teasing and tormenting the young stud. Next Ryan intimately licks Andy’s smooth hole, getting it wet and saturated. Brock tells Ryan to eat that buffet booty like he is starving and on food stamps. Ryan furiously tongues the hole while Andy sucks Brock’s dick. Suddenly Ryan lays back and spreads his legs wide. Andy’s wet mouth pounces onto Ryan’s hair hole as he begins to give a rim job.
Once the furry pucker is ready Andy shoves his long dick inside Ryans hairy ass. Ryan gasps in pleasure as Andy fucks his hole bareback. Sounds of skin slapping fills the room. Andy pounds away savagely fucking Ryan’s hairy hole without mercy. With a grunt and a groan Andy blasts a load inside Ryans hole creating a perfectly iced cream pie. Ryan’s hairy hole is glistening with glaze. Next Brock moves to the center so he can bottom for Ryan. Brock gags on Andy’s dick while taking Ryan’s cock up his ass. Andy moves in to suck Brock while he gets railed by Ryan. In a frenzy of positions Andy and Brock sixty nine while Ryan fucks Brocks ass. Every hole has been filled in this group sex performance. Ryan pulls out of Brock’s hole to cum all over Andy’s face. Next Brock jerks off shooting a sticky white load into Ryan and Andy’s mouths. The scene comes to an end with one last kiss from Andy and Ryan.


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