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Brother Strang has enjoyed partnering up with Brother Eyring, but it was never fully above board. Brother Eyring loved having the boys of the mission suck and service his cock, but he was not fully a member of the Order.
Brother Strang was tasked with bringing in others in the community, including those no longer on their mission. While Brother Calhoun was a recruit he brought in by force, Brother Eyring was someone with whom he found a sense of fraternal love.
Both men were seen somewhat as outcasts by the other men of their missions. And they love of young boys and hard cocks made them even closer. So much so that Eyring invited him along on many of his personal assignments.


The Brethren permitted this, of course, knowing that he was observing and being groomed for leadership.
But the day finally came when they could no longer continue for him to proceed with taking the solemn oaths and vows to become a priest in the Order.
Brother Strang brought his friend to the temple, telling him not to be scared and to do completely was asked of him. Eyring listened and obeyed, eager to make his calling sure. He loved getting serviced, but he always wanted to feel what the boys were feeling. This was his chance and he couldn’t be more excited.
Inside, Brother Strang walked Eyring into a large, white room where President Ballard was standing. He was tall, well built, and undeniably handsome. Eyring had seen him plenty of times before and had no idea he was involved in the secret sex cult.
“Brother Eyring,” the handsome man began, “You’ve been selected to join the ranks of our special organization. But before we can entrust you with the sacred rites of bringing young men into our order, we need to be absolutely certain you can obey orders and be completely submissive.”
Just with that declaration, Eyring felt himself become aroused. The idea of being submissive to Ballard was enough to get his mouth watering. He had to swallow back some excited saliva before he responded.
“Yes, I–I understand.”
“Good, then get down on your knees. I’d like you to service me.”
And just like that, Brother Eyring was kneeling down in front of the powerful and handsome President Ballard, getting himself on the same level as his crotch.
From this level, he watched closely as Ballard opened his pants and pulled out his massively, thick cock. It was a thing of beauty unlike anything Eyring had ever seen. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to take it, but he knew he had to try.
He reached out his hand and brought the monster cock to his lips, feeling his jaw practically unhinge to take it into his mouth. Immediately, the taste, texture, and warmth passed over his lips like he was drinking him. He wanted more. So much more.
He pushed his mouth further on him, trying to take every perfect inch into his face.
President Ballard put a hand on the back of his head, holding him in place and observing the young man struggle to take him. He shot a look at Brother Strang, standing nearby and stroking his erection over his pants. They smiled to each other, as if communicating that he’d done good in bringing him in.
Ballard removed his pants and garments, dropping them to the floor quickly to free his lower half of any restriction. As Eyring resumed his work on the end of his shaft, he continued to disrobe, taking off his jacket, shirt, and tie.
He paused briefly to watch as Brother Eyring took his balls into his mouth, juggling them over his tongue and tasting the sweet sweat from between them. Ballard moaned with delight, happy with the thorough service he was getting.
“I think we’ve made a fine choice,” he said to Strang. The other man came closer, smiling and opening his pants up. “Why don’t you show him how I like it?”
Strang put one hand on his cock and the other on the back of Eyring’s head, pushing him down even further.
The choking and gagging noises were persistent as Eyring tried not to stop sucking. His eyes teared up slightly and his breathing and heart rate became erratic, but he was determined to continue. He would do anything to prove he was worth bringing into the Order.
Brother Strang let up on his friend, seeing that Ballard was pleased with the young man’s determination. Strang then matched his superior and undressed completely, bringing himself next to Eyring as he stroked his big, hard cock.
Ballard moved the young man to a nearby couch, removing his pants and garments, leaving his upper body covered in his pristine white shirt and tie. Bending him over, he watched as Eyring’s butt opened to greet him, his hairy hole presenting itself high in the air.
Strang leaned in to taste his friend, licking his hole and feeling it gently trembled on the tip of his tongue. He loves the feeling of his long beard brushing against him and seeing Eyring endure the intense pleasure.
Ballard, seeing the boy’s hole was hot and wet, saw his chance to claim the young man’s body and get his thick meat deep inside.
Brother Strang saw the man take his lead and moved himself around to Eyring’s front. He got his cock in his friend’s mouth and caressed his head while he sucked. His cock got harder as he watched Ballard take what was his.
He spit into Eyring’s hole and mounted himself behind him, bringing his impressive cock head to the edge of his sphincter. He could practically see the young man’s ass pulsate as moved himself closer and closer. And with a movement that was so slow and steady it could have been purely the result of gravity, Ballard expertly inserted his cock into Eyring’s hole, invading him like knife into warm butter.
“Brother Eyring,” the older man let out with an exhale, “you have an amazing ass!”
The handsome president fucked him faster and deeper as the boy’s hole yielded to him. He lacked much of the hesitance and resistance that the young, virgin boys did, giving Ballard the unspoken permission to truly dive deep into him. Ballard was managing to fuck harder than he had for some time… much to the sacrifice of Eyring’s hungry hole.
Brother Strang needed to get in on it. He could see his friend in ecstasy taking the thick man’s dick and wanted to experience his tight hole before he was worn out.
The younger man leaned backward on the couch, positioning himself in a way that invited Brother Eyring to move up onto him. His friend dismounted from the aggressive daddy’s cock and placed himself onto Brother Strang’s. It was a relief to feel the more manageable dick inside him, finding a comfortable place in his anal cavity.
Just when he thought he was in the easy embrace of his buddy, he felt President Ballard come back in for another round… without waiting for Strang to pull out.
Suddenly, it hit him. Both men were going to be inside him. He instinctively wanted to say no, knowing that it would hurt or worse! But he remembered what they’d said about obedience and submission and knew he couldn’t and should stop them.
With that, Brother Eyring’s hands clung tightly the cushions of the couch and he braced himself for re-entry. President Ballard’s mammoth cock burst back inside him and past the shaft of Brother Strang. It was a hot, searing pain that seemed to spread throughout his entire body.
Sweating, shaking, and barely holding himself together, he could feel both men inside him, holding still as his hole quaked. He knew this was the calm before the storm and they were just giving his body to adjust. He was grateful, but growing more insatiable with each passing second.
His initial fear turned to hope as he felt their cocks slide inside him. He wanted one thing and one thing only… to feel them fill him up with their loads. As he began to rock back and forth on the twin cocks, he took a deep breath and promised he would take it all…


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