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Dominant Bruce garcia Knows Exactly What To Do With Eddie Church’s Hairy Virgin Ass!


The scene begins with Bruce and Eddie making out in just their loose fitting boxers. Bruce has on plaid patterned underwear while Eddie has on sky blue Calvin Klein briefs. Seductively Bruce leads the way by kissing Eddie’s chest and fondling him through the fabric. Bruce grabs hold of Eddie’s hardening cock and removes the underwear from Eddie’s body. Bruce expertly wraps his lips around Eddie’s hardening shaft. The muscles in his throat tighten and relax rhythmically, creating a sensual suction that sends shockwaves through both men’s bodies. Then Bruce climbs over to position his crotch near Eddie’s face. Eddie opens his mouth wide as Bruce’s big dick enters. With each thrust forward, Eddie takes it all in without complaint, his eyes closed tightly as he savors the taste and texture of Bruce’s meaty cock. Meanwhile Bruce grabs hold of Eddie’s ass cheek while getting sloppy head.
Eddie’s head bounces up and down rhythmically sucking Bruce’s hard cock. Bruce probes Eddie’s virgin ass by using a finger. Dominant Bruce decides it is time to fuck Eddie in the ass. Eddie gets on his hands and knees to submit to Bruce. Bruce slides his big dick inside Eddie’s uncharted ass and both men groan with pleasure. Bruce pumps away at Eddie’s hairy hole. Eddie’s ass clenches around Bruce’s rigid shaft, causing him to thrust deeper into his partner’s willing body. Eddie pleads with top Bruce asking him to be nice and go slow. Bruce grunts in pleasure and rams his rod into the bottom. Bruce can’t get enough of Eddie’s tight virgin ass.
Eddie trembles as his ass gets deflowered. Soon Eddie admits Bruce is causing incredible sensations of pleasure through his penetration. The sound of clapping cheeks echo around the space as Bruce pounds away at Eddie. Suddenly Bruce pulls out and launches several massive wads of cum all over Eddie’s hairy anal entrance. Bruce slams his hard cumming cock back inside Eddie to glaze his insides with man milk. Finally Bruce helps Eddie to cum by fingering his hairy hole. Eddie shoots a sticky white load onto his own abs and the scene comes to an end.


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