Caetano Soares And El Aleman | I Dream Of Caetano | LatinLeche

Caetano comes home and immediately jumps in the shower. Aleman fantasizes about Caetano and sniffs his underwear while he thinks he has time. But Caetano’s shower ends more quickly than Aleman expected. Caetano catches Aleman sniffing his underwear and calls him it. Both men are extremely turned on by the situation, so Caetano shoves his undies harder into Aleman’s face. Caetano lets his towel fall aside, and Aleman goes right to sucking Caetano’s cock. It tastes even better than Aleman expected it to, and he savors the sensation, letting Caetano’s cock slide deep down his throat. Caetano wants to have some fun of his own, so he positions himself so he can suck Aleman’s cock simultaneously. The studs mess around in a 69 position until Caetano is satisfied. Now, Caetano wants Aleman’s hole. With Aleman lying on his belly, still sniffing the underwear, Caetano pushes his cock far inside Aleman’s asshole. Caetano needs Aleman’s hole to be slicker, so he eats his asshole, licking it deeply and getting it as wet as possible. Then Caetano moves to lie on his back, so Aleman can ride his cock. Caetano wants to watch the Latino stud jerk off while he fucks him. Caetano fucks Aleman in various positions, experimenting and seeing what feels best for them. It’s a fantastic hookup and one that was built around a longstanding pent-up sexual tension. Aleman finishes all over himself, then helps Caetano to finish. Aleman sucks Caetano’s cock as he shoots his load.

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