Cage Kafig And Ashton Taylor | BrokeStraightBoys

Ashton Taylor finds it easier to work with straight guys on set, so it’s his lucky day since we’ve paired him with Cage Kafig…but Cage isn’t so lucky since he actually has to bottom today! These guys heat things up with some kisses, making out and massaging each other’s dicks before Cage finds his way down to Ashton’s cock and captures it between his lips, sucking that dick and then lying back and letting Ashton get a taste of his meat next.
After these guys are hard, Cage lubes up and prepares himself to be penetrated as he climbs on top of Ashton and lowers his ass onto that dick, riding Ashton’s cock slowly while he lets his tight ass adjust. They try another position, Cage on all fours and Ashton behind him pounding the fuck out of him, his bareback cock deep in Cage’s ass as Cage takes that dick and then turns onto his back to get fucked a different way. Ashton gets between Cage’s legs and holds them apart, sticking his prick back inside Cage and fucking him raw until both guys shoot a huge load!

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