Cage Kafig And Brenden Steel | Cage Teaching Brenden How To Fuck | BrokeStraightBoys

Cage Kafig has quite a lot of experience with fucking guys, but Brenden Steel doesn’t, so Cage is ready to help show this new guy how it’s done and he gets started with some soft kisses. They don’t make out too long before Cage is going down on Brenden, sucking that sweet cock and then pulling down his own pants so that Brenden can get a taste of his meat next. Brenden gives Cage’s cock a few good sucks and then Cage is going back for seconds as he leans down and captures Brenden’s dick in his mouth again!
They 69 for a bit but when Cage’s tongue has gotten Brenden good and hard, Cage lubes up that dick and lowers his ass onto it, riding Brenden’s prick as he grinds his hips against him. They try a different position as Cage gets on all fours and Brenden stands behind him, inserting his cock into Cage’s sore hole and fucking him bareback and Cage can barely take that whole dick! Cage flips onto his back and Brenden puts his cock in him again, slowly filling him up with that dick while Cage jerks himself until he cums hard. Cage’s tight ass is too much for Brenden and once Cage nuts, Brenden pulls out and blows his load all over Cage!

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