Cage Kafig And Damien Nichols | BrokeStraightBoys

Damien Nichols is in for a treat today since he’s about to feel what it’s like to have his ass eaten, but before he gets there, he and Cage Kafig enjoy some other foreplay first! They exchange a few hot kisses before Damien goes down on Cage, sucking that cock and letting Cage face fuck him as he pushes that dick deep down Damien’s throat. Cage gives it back to Damien next and turns him over, spreads that ass and rims Damien’s tight hole, flicking his tongue against Damien’s sensitive hole as Damien prepares to get that hole fucked.
Cage lubes up and slowly slides his big shaft into Damien’s ass, taking it nice and slow until he’s balls deep inside of Damien, and then letting Damien’s hole stretch around his fat dick as Damien moans in pain and pleasure. They try a different position with Damien on his stomach and Cage pounding him from behind raw, but when Cage turns Damien onto his back and fills that ass up again, Damien can barely take Cage’s full cock! But apparently Damien likes some pain with his pleasure because he shoots a nice load and Cage pulls out and cums hard too!

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