Calhoun And Rydell | Edge | ChaosMen

There is about 19-20 inches of cock in this video!
I took one look at Rydell, and knew a video with Calhoun would be great. Only problem being Calhoun is a Top, and Rydell was only down for getting his dick sucked.
I thought an Edge video would be perfect since Calhoun loves a challenge. We even got Calhoun’s giant cock in Rydell’s mouth!
And with Calhoun’s obsession with extra big dicks, he was totally worshipping Rydell’s cock. He can deep throat, but he might have met his match. I dunno, he seems to be able to get it pretty far in! Tears were streaming out of his eyes.
Calhoun loved doing this video. After the shoot and on his way home, he told me he jerked-off in the airport bathroom stall, imagining Rydells cock!
This will definitely be a memorable Edge video for all of you!

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