Callum And Jalen | Serviced | ChaosMen

Callum is pretty quiet during his first blowjob, but he still has a slight smile going. I didn’t interpret that he felt silly, he just looks happy to be there.
He starts the video still stroking his cock. Jalen gets in there and get his shorts off, and starts stroking him. Callum starts to lose his hard-on, but he gives Jalen a few tips on how best to stroke him.
Once Jalen switches to his mouth, he has no problem keeping him hard.
I think that Jalen actually could have made Callum nut, but he said he wanted to have his balls licked while he jerked-off. He tries feeding it to Jalen, but can’t stop stroking out his load. He finally relents and lets Jalen lick up his load!

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