Chip Young And Ryan Powers Flip RAW | GuyBone

I hate holding onto content. It burns a hole in my pocket. But when I have a hottie like Ryan Powers in my possession for a couple weeks, I film as much as I possibly can with him, not only to beef up my scene stockpile, but also because there’s no guarantee when I’ll see him again. This is the case with him and Chip flip fucking bareback. I had to spread Ryan’s scenes out so they weren’t all released back to back and I’ve been so unbelievably eager to share this hot, raw romp with you! They were so fucking hot together, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!


Pup meets otter and it’s instant attraction. I love seeing two types of bodies engaging sexually. Lean Ryan and beefy Chip, both covered in fur, piercings and tattoos, both raging hard and ready to rock. They sucked face for a minute then Ryan dropped down on Chip’s super stiff dick. He made Chip moan like there was no tomorrow, slurping that shaft down his throat like the delicious lollipop it was.
I loved seeing Ryan gaze up at Chip as he licked his hardon. I also loved watching them switch positions so Chip could get his juicy lips wrapped around Ryan’s veiny, bulging boner. He gulped it down with the greatest of ease and paid special attention to the otter’s hairy balls. He tried tapping Ryan’s nuts but Ryan wasn’t into it. No prob, a tongue feels just as good. Chip deepthroated Ryan’s massive cock and then moved to his deliciously furry asshole. He buried his face cheeks deep between Ryan’s cheeks, plunging his thick tongue into that pink pucker. Ryan’s puppy dog eyes told the story of how into getting his ass eaten he was. They melted into a dreamy puddle just above that adorable beard and those pouty lips.
After Chip had sufficiently wet Ryan’s forbidden forest, he was ready to destroy it. He lubed up with SPUNK and slid his stiff dick inside Ryan’s ass. Ryan took it like a good boy, holding his legs up so Chip could fuck him deeper. They fit together perfectly and I was eating up the moans escaping Ryan’s lungs. He was whimpering for more and Chip was giving it to him, all raw, all hot, all hardcore.
Ryan was suddenly up against the headboard, pushing his hole toward a still hungry Chip. The pup lapped up some more of that tasty, tossed salad, then drove his cock inside again. I was under them watching all that incredible fucking right above me. Ryan’s cock helicoptered as Chip rammed his rock solid rod into his ass. Chip’s balls pulled tight against his body. They were in perfect sync and the bellowing was perfect indication.
Then Ryan was flat on his back, Chip atop him. Ryan reached his tongue out and flicked it across the surface and inside Chip’s tight backdoor. Chip’s ass cheeks were so fucking squeezable and Ryan was making sure to get the full experience his costar had to offer. Chip moaned his satisfaction between gulpings down of Ryan’s ridiculously raging cock. Then he spun around and sat on said cock.
He neatly tucked Ryan’s big dick between his beefy buttcheeks and let Ryan take charge as the new top of the scene. Ryan grabbed that ass and spread it, sliding his cock as far as he could inside the pup. Chip looked so hot riding that man hammer. And Ryan looked equally hot delivering the intense fucking.
They’d effortlessly flipped into their new roles and then also into a new position. Ryan slammed into Chip in doggystyle over an ottoman. His trim, hair covered body railed against Chip’s stocky, sexy one. They were both plenty sweaty by now and I could tell they were ready to empty their nuts. Ryan was first to cum. He pulled out and painted Chip’s used hole then shoved his cock back inside the warm crevasse. He continued fucking him, making sure his load would breed deep inside. Chip ordered “push that load in me” and I knew he was ready to cum, too.
He laid on his back to get the best jerking angle he could. Ryan straddled his face, opening his own used hole one more time for Chip to devour as he jerked his dick to completion. Chip drown himself in hairy, amazing ass while he beat his cock. He shot his wad, beautiful milky white pearls of cum, all over his chest and fuzzy tummy. Ryan leaned over to give him a final kiss and we all knew this had been one very, very entertaining flip fuck. And it’s made even better by you now being able to see it!


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