Chris And Eli Take Turns | Chris, Eli, Rocky | Corbin Fisher

Rocky’s got a rockin’ bod, endless stamina, and a big hot dick that doesn’t quit! So why have him rail one guy when he’s got what it takes to get two fellow CF studs ass up to take turns on both of them?!


Rocky truly has embraced his hornball side, and he makes no secret of the fact that he absolutely loves giving and getting with other hot guys. The degree and extent to which Rocky loves to have sex with other guys is on full display here – he holds nothing back as he buries his tongue in Chris and Eli’s holes, then gets them each bent over the back of the couch so he can go to town on them.
All of us watching this blazing hot episode know we love everything about Rocky. But in this episode you’ll see he turns the other guys at CF on just as much as he turns us on! Chris and Eli are practically begging for his dick from start to finish here, and each time one has to watch the other get pumped and drilled by Rocky’s cock you can see the desperation in their eyes – they need his dick as well.
Well, you’re in luck, Chris and Eli! Rocky can more than handle two bottoms at once! And he shoots huge enough loads to feed two guys at once!


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