Chris Taylor And Benjamin Dover | BrokeStraightBoys

Benjamin Dover and Chris Taylor skip the chit chat and move right into the fun part, kissing each other gently as they lose their clothes and Benjamin kisses his way down to Chris’s cock. He takes that dick between his lips and sucks on it, sticking his finger in Chris’s hole while he gives him oral and then standing up to get his dick sucked next! Chris makes Benjamin’s prick stand up as he works it with his mouth, but when Benjamin’s cock wants something more than Chris’s mouth, he bends Chris over the bed and takes him from behind.
As Benjamin pushes his big bareback dick deep into Chris’s hole he gives that ass some good smacks, fucking him hard and then getting him on the bed and rimming Chris’s hold before pounding him some more! Chris asks for more and Benjamin delivers, dominating that ass raw while Chris plays with himself, stroking his dick until he busts a nut. Seeing Chris’s cum is all it takes for Benjamin to pull out and shoot his load, covering Chris’s sore hole with his jizz!

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