Chris Taylor And Justin Dean | BrokeStraightBoys

Justin Dean’s been taking it in the ass a lot recently, so we’ve decided to give him a break from bottoming so he can top sexy Chris Taylor today! As these guys get their scene started, they kiss each other softly as they undress and lie down on the bed, teasing those big dicks through their boxers until Chris pulls Justin’s cock out and sucks it. Chris dangles his cock in front of Justin’s mouth and he captures it between his lips, 69ing as both guys get a mouthful of sweet dick, getting each other hard and horny before Chris straddles Justin takes that prick in his ass.
Justin doesn’t go easy on Chris, pushing every inch of his hard cock deep into Chris’s hole and pounding him raw, stretching that tight ass out and making Chris moan for more. They fuck with Chris on his stomach and Justin giving it to him rough before Chris turns onto his back and lets Justin bury his long bareback shaft inside him one more time, fucking him while Chris strokes his own dick until he cums. Justin gets a few more good thrusts in before pulling out and shooting his huge load across Chris’s stomach, finishing this hot scene off with an even hotter cumshot!

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