CJ Parker And Cody Hall | Cock From Cody Hall | HelixStudios

Fresh out the gate and raring to please, crazy hot cock slinger, Cody Hall makes his Helix debut with too cute twink, CJ Parker in this sizzler! Hall is an absolute hottie with a classically handsome face, smooth, hot body, great cock, and an eagerness to make a fucktastic first impression. Throw in a horned up CJ Parker, and all these things combine to make one hell of a hot scene. Cody holds CJ’s angelic mug strong in his hands, as the pretty pair kiss.


A good game of ass grab goes down as the fresh faced fellas fumble to get their pants off in a heated embrace. Insatable little nymph, Parker pulls at the new dude’s drawers, and his thick dick pounces out, pointing naughty boy north, stiff as steel. Parker plays with the perfect piece, then goes in and makes a meal out of the young man’s meat. Cody breathes heavy as he hammers his hips forward , face fucking his toy sized twink a bit, as CJ looks up at him with a mouthful of cock.
Hall pulls the boy up for another deep kiss, and whispers, “I want to fuck you. Parker likes what he hears, and takes a seat right on the dude’s dick. He bounces his smooth butt down to the base of the beast, smacking Cody’s cum filled balls. Then, the agile angel spins around, and really gives us a show. The sexy little spinner goes spread eagle, riding Hall’s hog like a whore, as they both take turns stroking his bouncing boner.
Cody orders his plaything onto his back, Hall looks at the lad with lust in his eyes, and you know he means business. He pierces Parker’s tight pucker with his pulsing piece, then puts a pounding on him that has the hottie howling for more. Heavy breathing, dirty talk, and ass smacking sounds stir the senses, and CJ can’t help but bust. He grab’s his juice filled jock, and jacks it till it spits all over his smooth, tan stomach.
Cody pulls out, then absolutely annihiates the twink’s taint, hole, and freshly emptied sack with a supersized splattering of spunk. He gazes at his cum covered conquest, painted in pornstar spew, looking like a modern art masterpiece, and kisses him full on the lips. Absolute perfection. Welcome to Helix Cody!


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