Colby Chambers And Dillon Faze | Insert Coin To Fuck -BAREBACK- | ColbyKnox

Dillon Faze! Mercy! What else needs to be said?! 🙂


The first thing we see of the ColbyKnox newbie is his perfectly shaped ass. The blue shorts barely contain all of that British boy bounty. He’s sitting on a stool in the compound’s gym, absorbed with an old school video game. When Colby Chambers walks in, Dillon is polite but doesn’t take his eyes off the screen. Colby lifts weights, standing a few feet behind the house guest. He pauses, staring intently at Dillon’s booty. Temptation wins. As it should! 🙂 Colby puts the weights away and walks up to the lad. A hand is placed on Dillon’s sturdy thigh. Colby takes a lick of his ear. Kisses the gamer’s neck. “I like the way you sit in this stool,” Colby notes. “Yeah,” Dillon replies. His attention remains focused on the game. Colby removes his gloves and shoves a hand down Dillon’s shorts. “Want to play a different game,” Colby wonders. “What kind of game,” Dillon retorts, submitting to Colby’s caresses. Arching his back more, Dillon leans down. Colby pulls down the shorts and bites a cheek. Then he spanks it. “How did you get this ass in these shorts,” Colby wonders. He now has room to lick Dillon’s hole. As his tongue plunges between Dillon’s round mounds, Colby smacks them. He stands up, planting sloppy kisses on Dillon’s lips. Then Colby returns to eating Dillon out. “Shake that ass all over my face,” Colby commands. When Colby gets up a second time, he pulls his underwear off. That thick tool is ready to play. “Want to put your hand on my joystick,” Colby asks. Dillon reaches for it. “I’m going to fuck you so hard,” Colby explains. Dillon nods in approval. Colby pushes him down and slowly enters him. Bare “Swallow my cock,” Colby whispers. “Take it all.” Once in, Colby hammers. “You knew what you were doing with that ass in that stool,” Colby says. Dillon moans as his “special spot” is rammed. “Oh, fuck,” he whimpers. Colby pounds balls deep, pulling his tool out and ramming it back in. ”Wreck that fucking hole,” he exclaims. He’s furiously fucking Dillon, smacking the cheeks until they glow a pale red. “Give me that fucking fat ass, gamer boy,” Colby demands. Dillon offers no resistance, moaning with each stroke. He gets off the stool, pulling off the tight shorts. The boys move to the floor. Once Dillon is on his hands and knees, Colby re-enters. “Give me some more of that ass,” he whispers. Dillon is a trooper. He takes each stroke with a cry of pleasure, grabbing the video game for support. “Squeal for me,” Colby exclaims. “That’s so fucking hot.” He briefly slows the pace down, but his dick remains packed in Dillon’s sweet ass. When the intense drilling restarts, Dillon’s cheeks shake. “Oh, fuck,” he yelps. “Rail my cock in and out of you,” Colby explains. “Fuck, yeah,” Dillon replies. “Use me.” He knows that right now he’s just a hole meant to be filled. Colby takes a brief break and Dillon reaches around and spanks his own booty. “Slap it for me,” Colby orders. “Spank it again.” Dillon curses and sobs when Colby pries his johnson back inside. However, his own tool keeps time with all the strokes. “Let me ride that joystick,” he suggests. Colby gets on his back and Dillon takes a seat. “Fucking use it,” Colby says. “Fucking use my dick.” As Dillon goes up and down, he strokes his hefty tool. Colby retakes command by grabbing Dillon’s cheeks, spreading them apart, and fucking toward the ceiling. “I’m fucking greedy for that ass,” Colby notes. “Give it to me.” “Oh, take it,” Dillon whispers. Colby comes first, losing his seed deep inside that British bussy. When Dillon pulls off Colby’s cock, the hole glimmers with cum. By sitting back down on Colby’s meat, Dillon is pushed over the edge. His juice erupts out, landing on Colby’s smooth stomach. “Two players are more fun than one,” Colby declares. “That was the best game ever,” Dillon answers. “Welcum” to ColbyKnox, Dillon!


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