Colby Chambers And Kane Fox | Meet Kane Fox -BAREBACK- | ColbyKnox

Kane Fox, a hottie new to ColbyKnox, gets a sexy salutation to the site with some Colby Chambers kisses. The studs are on the studio’s bed, making out.


Coby wears blue underwear; Kane is in black shorts, with white trim. Both are shirtless. Colby gets on his knees. “Fuck, yeah,” he says. “Play with that dick.” Kane’s hand slowly strokes Colby’s cock. He’s the first to suck dick. Colby helps Kane get rid of his shorts. Then he places his head in Kane’s lap, ministering to his meat. “Fuck. That feels so good,” Kane moans. His hand reaches for Colby’s butt, pulling the shorts down and kneading the cake. “That’s such a nice ass,” notes Kane. “Why don’t you let me taste that hole,” Kane asks. Colby has a different plan. “Why don’t you suck my dick instead,” he suggests. Both parties agree to this proposal. 🙂 Colby pulls his shorts down. Kane gets on his hands and knees, swallowing Colby’s johnson. “Suck that dick,” Colby instructs. “Cup those balls, too.” Kane’s spit falls from the shaft. Colby grabs the back of Kane’s head, fucking his mouth. “Your mouth feels so good,” Colby whispers. “You have such a nice dick,” Kane notes, coming up for air. Colby can’t keep his hands off Kane’s backside. He massages, and smacks, it. “Goddam. Your ass is so fucking hot,” Colby exclaims. “Can’t wait to fuck you.” Kane stops sucking. “Wait,” he remarks. “I thought I was fucking you.” “No,” Colby responds with confusion. “Pretty sure I was supposed to top you today.” “Pretty sure I was to top you.” Kane retorts. Both studs look off camera. “Director,” Colby says. “Yes,” answers Mickey Knox off screen. “Who’s supposed to top,” his husband wonders. “Oh, shit,” Mickey says. “Let me check the itinerary. It says Colby is topping. And so is Kane.” “Two tops don’t make a bottom,” Kane jokes. “He booked two tops,” Colby comments. Mickey promises he can fix it. He suggests a game of “Rock paper scissors.” Kane is skeptical but finally agrees. Alas, he “loses” (two out of three). 🙂 “There’s lube on the counter,” Mickey notes. “You guys have fun.” “You got to rim him first,” Colby explains. “I’m a gentleman.” “Wow. How gracious,” Kane teases. He returns to hands and knees. Colby puts his mouth on the tight, little hole. His tongue swirls deep, causing Kane to squirm. Colby also licks Kane’s balls and dick. “Oh, my God,” Kane moans. “That feels so good.” Colby lubes up his meat and Kane’s hole. He slowly pushes back, letting Colby’s thick, and bare, shaft open him up. “You have such a big dick,” Kane whispers. Colby leans down, pushing his rod deep. Kane’s eyes widen from the intrusion. “Give me that fucking ass,” Colby demands. He adds natural lube, saliva, on his dick. “Give me that hole,” he whispers. They decide Kane should ride for a bit. Colby gets on his back. Kane puts more spit on the tip of Colby’s dick. He then guides it inside. Kane takes his time, beating his meat. “Shake that ass on my dick,” Colby instructs. He reaches around, grabbing both cheeks. He stretches them out so more of his tool can fit. “That big dick bouncing around as you ride mine,” Colby notes. “You like that,” Kane asks. “Fuck, yeah,” Colby replies. He gets a chance to take over the fucking and methodically pounds up. They switch things up. Kane, bent in half, on his back. Colby spits one more time on Kane’s hole. Colby’s pole reaches deep and Kane holds on. “Drilling your hole feels so good,” Colby observes. Kane comes first; his load splatters on his abs, hand, and forearm. “I want you to come for me,” he groans. Colby deposits a juicy load inside Kane. Some of the man juice streaks one of his butt cheeks. Colby’s stiff prick enters Kane’s hole one more time, making sure the cum coats Kane’s insides. “Wasn’t so bad, was it,” a spent Colby asks. “Nope, but next time you’re bottoming,” Kane retorts. Cameraman Mickey wonders if that pact can be agreed on. “Fair enough,” Colby says. “Welcum” to ColbyKnox, Kane!


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