Conner Mason And Timothy Rivers | CollegeDudes

Conner Mason and Timothy Rivers are both in the mood for some oral because these sexy guys don’t spend much time kissing before Conner is on his knees taking Timothy’s dick in his mouth. Conner sucks that sweet cock, getting it harder than ever and then gets his turn as Timothy captures Conner’s prick between his lips and works it with his mouth. Timothy turns Conner over next and gets his face right in that ass, spreading it wide open and running his tongue across Conner’s sensitive hole as he gives him a nice wet rimjob, yanking on Conner’s cock while he licks his entrance.
When Timothy’s got Conner’s ass wet and warmed up he shoves his dick inside it and fucks Conner hard, barely giving his ass time to stretch around Timothy’s thick shaft before he’s pounding into him over and over. Conner takes that dick, moving his ass up and down on that cock while Timothy pushes it deeper and then turns Conner over, taking him that way while Conner jerks his own dick until he comes. Timothy fucks him a little longer, enjoying every second inside that tight ass, until he pulls out and shoots his load all over Conner!

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