Dakota Lovell And Skylar Finchh | Struggling With Chastity | MormonBoyz

After Elder Finchh ditches his mission companion, Elder Lovell is sent to find him. He discovers that Skylar fled to his place to masturbate, as he is struggling with the mission’s chastity laws. Dakota explains to his fellow elder that this is a very serious situation and that it’s within his power to expel Skylar from the mission. Elder Finchh is lost and in doubt of his calling, but Dakota tells him that he doesn’t have to be that way. The mission has its own rules when it comes to the urges of the flesh, and he can take care of his needs to avoid these kinds of mishaps. Up next, Elder Lovell pulls out his cock and makes the twink missionary suck it. Elder Finchh licks Dakota’s cock with a mixture of lust and guilt, hoping to stay in the mission but concerned about his dick devotion. Then, Dakota turns him around and eats Skylar’s asshole, the young elder’s weak spot. Turned into a submissive bottom, Elder Finchh lets Dakota drill his hole, moaning softly with each push of Elder Lovell’s cock. As the two Elders jerk off to finish off their sinful session, Skylar finally understands–he can call Elder Lovell every time he is tempted to perform unholy deeds.

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