Damien Grey And Roman Todd | CockyBoys

Cutie Damien Grey uses his charm and top-pleasing talents on Roman Todd, who in turn gives Damien a romantically passionate topping and big smile on his face. Roman learns right away that Damien isn’t intimidated by bigger guys—in fact, he just goes straight from kissing to sucking Roman and giving him head like a longtime lover.


Roman gives back the same thrill by tongue-fucking Damien who soon eagerly does what Roman wants and sits on his cock. Roman finds that Damien’s hole is a willing recipient of his deep, upward thrust, but he’s also in awe of how Damien rides him just right. And he responds by fucking Damien in mid-air, increasing the sexual intensity for both of them.
Roman lowers the temperature a little when he lays Damien down to kiss him, but once he starts fucking him from behind, things get hot again. As Roman drills him sideways, Damien’s moans drive Roman to fuck him non-stop until he shoots. Seconds later Roman shoots a big load too all over Damien’s hole, leaving the bottom very happy to be covered in cum.


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