Dani Robles And Kay Tronx | Shine 2 | MenAtPlay

Businessman Kay Tronx has ordered dress shoes for a special event and shoe salesman, Dani Robles, has arrived with a few options for him to choose from.
While helping his client select a shoe that will make Mr. Tronx happy in terms of overall fit and style, Dani worships his feet seductively. So much so, that Kay gets a noticeable hard-on. He is reassured by Dani that he has nothing to be embarrassed about.


Mr. Tronx confesses that recently he has developed an interest in shoes and socks! Luckily, the shoe salesman has a foot fetish – where men’s feet, shoes, and socks are the cause of sexual arousal. Dani proceeds to give Kay a footjob – softly kissing, licking, and smelling sensually.
With sexual tensions at level 10, Kay takes out his cock, and Dani eagerly begins to suck on the Spanish cock. Dani isn’t done pleasing his client – as he stuffs Kay’s hole with a tie and then his own uncut cock. Kay cums while riding Dani and then licks Dani’s cum splashed all over one of the new shiny shoes!


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