Daniel Evans And Seth Cain | Twas The Fuck Before XMas | CockyBoys

CockyBoys brings holiday cheer with ‘TWAS THE FUCK BEFORE XMAS, introducing Seth Cain getting the best Christmas present ever: Exclusive Daniel Evans! Late on Christmas Eve, Seth anxiously awaits the homecoming of boyfriend Daniel–who finally arrives to his loving embrace! They start to get it on but alas, travel-fatigued Daniel falls asleep so Seth has to be content spending the night in his arms.


Christmas morning is another story because Seth has waited long enough! He starts the day kissing Daniel, now well-rested and very happy with the affection—especially since it includes a blowjob! Seth is so good that Daniel sucks him with the same passion and buries his tongue and fingers in Seth’s hole as they 69.
Seth then rides Daniel and shows him why he has a well-earned reputation as a fantastic bottom. He not only fucks himself on Daniel’s cock, but he takes his deep upward thrusts and physically and vocally expresses the sensation of being pounded from behind. For his part Daniel passionately kisses and sucks Seth again, showing he’s the perfect giving top.
As Daniel plows Seth on his back, they’re in sync again and totally convincing as real-life lovers. And, it’s there when Seth rides Daniel again and effortlessly shoots on his hairy chest, then helps Daniel get off as though they’ve done it many times before. Daniel erupts in a massive, volcanic cum shot and gives Seth a facial he’s overjoyed to get. Now, THIS is the way to start the holiday!


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