Dicking Dallen | CorbinFisher

Given how Dallen took to guy/guy action like a duck to water, had so much fun with it, enjoyed it so thoroughly, and looked so incredibly hot while having it, it doesn’t surprise me at all he’s just as great on the receiving end of a hard dicking from another guy as he is on the giving end with one. Dallen showed up to CF ready to have himself some fun – taking advantage of the opportunity to explore and experiment is what led him here in the first place! – and he knew full well getting railed in that tight ass of his was one of the ways he was going to have fun.


It might just be the biggest way he has fun – and the most fun, at that – given how much he’s clearly enjoying his session with Eli here! Can you blame Dallen, though? From feeding Dallen his cock to tongueing and playing with Dallen’s hole, Eli masterfully sets about driving Dallen absolutely wild. By the time Eli gets his cock buried balls-deep in Dallen’s hole, he had Dallen wrapped around his fingers and hungry for every single thing Eli wanted to give him!


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