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Lee Paris is a hot, new, beefy muscle jock, ready for his first taste of pallet bouncing, hardcore porn action! He’s not disappointed. Feeling himself, squeezing his dick through the blue Bike jock, Dmitry Osten saunters up to him, sensual at first, placing his hand around the back of his neck to bring him into kiss but the friction soon escalates, Lee is in for a rough ride ahead! Dmirty almost tears down the front of his jockstrap, his 9” cock springing up, solid and ready to be worshipped. Pushed as far down the back of his throat as he can take, saliva pours out of the corners of his mouth as it’s stretched to it’s limits. Lee bobs up and down, sucking and slobbering, his septum piercing glinting in the light. Dmitry slides his hand up his neck to the back of his hair and grabs a hand full, skull fucking him and taking complete control. Dmitry pushes him down, last him back and samples his fat dick. Seriously going to town on his cock balls and arse, fingers and tongue combine in and out of his fuck hole and not just Dmitry’s fingers. This jock wants pre-stretching, he knows what’s coming next. Legs up, hole exposed, Dmitry sinks his huge cock into Lee’s pristine hole. Warm up over, he starts to jack hammer him, swearing and groaning the place down like only Dmitry can! Calling Lee a fucking slut… among many other hot and colourful terms! Hard thrusting and ass stretching, Lee takes the lot like a champ. Time for Lee to do the leg work as he backs up onto a seated Dmitry, long slow strokes, feeling every inch are brief as Dmitry gets him to hold high and still as he absolutely pummels from underneath. Lee’s face is a fucking picture, he can’t get over how hard he’s getting fucked and how big and rough this boy is! Bend over bitch, time to let Dmitry ruin your arse, grit your teeth, grip wood and take it! A seriously hard fuck and noises you don’t often hear grown men make, Russian fucker Dmitry takes more than a few Rubles out of his arse!

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