Drake Tyler And Hunter Lopez | BrokeStraightBoys

Drake Tyler doesn’t mind helping break in the new guys, so we’ve brought him in to help with one of our new guys, Hunter Lopez. And although Hunter is new, he’s not too nervous, which makes Drake’s job that much easier as he leans in for a kiss. They make out as they lose their clothes until eventually Hunter is naked on the bed and Drake’s mouth is wrapped around his cock, sucking that sweet dick.
Drake shows Hunter how it’s done and Hunter reluctantly agrees to give it a try as he takes Drake’s meat between his lips and slides it in and out, getting a good taste of Drake’s cock before he stands up to fuck him. Drake kneels on the bed, ass in the air as Hunter enters him from behind, starting slow but getting harder and faster as Drake begs for more of that bareback prick. Hunter climbs on the bed with Drake to fuck him harder, filling that tight ass up as Drake moans with each deep thrust of Hunter’s rock hard cock. Hunter takes that ass from one other position as he tops Drake until both guys cum hard, shooting a nice load after that hot fuck session!

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