Drew Dixon And Zac Johnson | Suit Spunked 2 | MenAtPlay

When you’re a businessman that travels often, you frequently stay at the same 5-star hotel. Maybe it’s the amenities or access to a business center… but in Zac Johnson’s case, it’s because of the hotel staff. The servicemen, especially, are polite, attentive, discreet, and anticipate guests’ needs.


As has become usual, Zac receives a visit to his room from hotel service assistant Drew Dixon, who’s wearing a white ascot tie and gloves. When Drew enters the room, Zac is sitting at the edge of the bed jerking his cock through his pant fly.
Already knowing what his VIP guest wants, Drew kneels in front of him, takes off Zac’s shoes and plays with his socks and feet.
Passionate hard fucking, rimming, and sucking culminate in Zac’s suit getting completely spunked over! Not to worry, the hotel provides dry cleaning and shoe polishing service, too. #SuitBukkake


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